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Daycare Insurance - Protecting Your Business


Daycare Insurance - Protecting Your BusinessWhen parents entrust their children into your care, you are responsible (liable, in insurance and legal terms) for keeping them safe. But no matter how carefully you watch the children in your facility, accidents can and do happen. This leaves you open to unique liability exposures. For example, parents could sue you for negligence if their child is injured while in your care. If you were found guilty and had no insurance, you would have to pay the child's family out of your own pocket....

Managing the Christmas Excitement

Gary Direnfeld, MSW

Young children look up with eyes as big as saucers. Last year's memories of Christmas may be gone as the child was too young to remember, so now they look on as if it is the first time. They are filled with bewilderment and excitement. The pace of their parents, the decorations in the house and stories of what is to come, fuel their excitement.....

Traveling with Children

Traveling with children

Sacramento was never a stop along the way to Shasta Lake on our summer road trips with our children. We knew it was the capital of California and Arnold Schwarzenegger was terminating the state's budget. Our son Jonathan was going to a Teen Leadership Event and we were destined to find out exactly what Sacramento had to offer.

Choosing Northwood, Iowa and Raising Kids

Choosing Northwood, Iowa and Raising Kids

I won’t say the house buying process was easy. I hired movers and we loaded up a daycare, and the blue eyed son and headed North. I have never lived in a small town before so I didn’t “get” the lifestyle. We are still honeymooning but I’m beginning to really understand why folks choose this size of town........

Provider Children Falling Between the CracksFalling Between The Cracks

Children of daycare providers can often feel as though their homelife has been taken over by dad or mom's home business. One of our Daycare.com Forum members received a poem from her 12 year old daughter that summed up her feelings and gives us some perspective in the relationship between provider children and their home environment.

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Autism Questions