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How to Start a Daycare in Alabama

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They say it takes a village to raise a child, and in Alabama, that sentiment rings truer than ever. If you’ve ever dreamed of creating a safe and nurturing haven for the little ones in your community, starting a daycare might be your calling.

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How to Open a Daycare in Alabama

Navigate the Regulatory Landscape:

Do you know how to open a daycare in Alabama?

First things first, get acquainted with Alabama’s regulatory requirements for daycare facilities. The Alabama Department of Human Resources (DHR) sets the standards, and understanding these regulations is crucial for a smooth start. From safety protocols to staffing ratios, compliance is key to creating a secure environment for the children under your care.

daycare in Alabama

Craft a Stellar Business Plan:

Just like any venture, a well-thought-out business plan is your roadmap to success. Define your mission, target audience, and unique selling points. Outline your services, budget, and financial projections. A solid business plan not only attracts potential investors but also provides you with a clear vision for the future of your daycare.

Location, Location, Location:

Choosing the right location is paramount. Consider the accessibility for parents, safety of the neighborhood, and the overall vibe of the area. Proximity to schools, parks, and residential areas could be a plus. A welcoming and secure environment will set the foundation for a thriving daycare.

Build a Dream Team:

The heart of any daycare is its staff. Make sure to hire passionate and qualified professionals who share your commitment to providing excellent childcare. Ensure that your team is well-trained, CPR-certified, and undergoes thorough background checks. A happy and dedicated staff translates to happy children and satisfied parents.

Create an Engaging Curriculum:

Parents want more than just a babysitting service; they want an enriching environment for their children. A place that is fun and exciting! Develop a curriculum that combines learning and play. Incorporate age-appropriate activities, educational games, and opportunities for socialization. A well-rounded curriculum will not only attract parents but also foster a love for learning in the children.

Safety First:

Safety is non-negotiable in the childcare business. Implement strict safety measures, from childproofing your facility to emergency preparedness plans. Regular safety drills and open communication with parents will instill confidence in the care you provide.

Market Your Heartfelt Venture:

Let the world know about your daycare! Utilize social media, local newspapers, and community bulletin boards to spread the word. Create a warm and inviting website that showcases your facilities, staff, and educational approach. Positive testimonials from satisfied parents can be your best marketing tool.


Every licensed center must:

  • Have a valid license, a current licensing evaluation, and fire and health department approvals posted in a conspicuous place for parents to see
  • Not exceed, at any time, the number of children for which the center is licensed (this information is stated on the license)
  • Post a schedule of daily activities for staff and parents to see
  • Post emergency procedures where everyone can see
  • Provide parents with a copy of the center’s operating policies prior to the child’s admission
  • Have a working telephone in the center
  • Have a physical environment that is clean, uncluttered, and free of hazards
  • Have child-sized and/or child adapted furniture and bathroom facilities
  • Post weekly menus in a public place
  • Serve nutritious meals and snacks in accordance with the USDA Food and Nutrition Service
  • Have clean cots and/or cribs for each child
  • Have a fenced, outdoor play area
  • Have a fence surrounding a swimming pool
  • Allow parental access
  • Provide proper supervision of all children at all times
  • Not exceed the following required child/staff ratio:
Age Staff to Child Ratio
0 up to 18 months 1 to 5
18 months up to 2 ½ years 1 to 7
24 months up to 36 months 1 to 8
2 ½ years up to 4 years 1 to 11
4 years to school age 1 to 18
School age up to 8 years 1 to 21
8 years and older 1 to 22

Maintain the prescribed ratios consistently. Note: Distinct ratios apply for swimming or wading activities, napping/resting periods, transportation, and nighttime care.

daycare in Alabama


In the enchanting world of Alabama’s child daycare centers, there are two magical pathways: Licensed or license-exempt. For those who choose the licensed adventure, the Department of Human Resources becomes their mystical guide, overseeing renewals every two years and weaving the fabric of performance standards for licensing approval. A consultation spell is cast to aid both providers and parents on this captivating journey. Every licensed center is entrusted with the sacred duty of dancing in compliance with the enchanting regulations set forth by the State Department of Human Resources.

The Child Care Services Division, within the Office of Child Care Licensing, carries out the following responsibilities:

  • Licensing daycare and nighttime centers as well as homes.
  • Conducting visits to daycare and nighttime centers, along with homes, to ensure adherence to performance standards.
  • Managing information submitted by churches opting for exemption from licensing.
  • Addressing complaints related to licensing violations and recommending adverse action for daycare centers and homes in cases where standards are not met.
  • Providing consultation services to both prospective and existing providers of daycare, nighttime centers, and homes.
  • Clarifying and interpreting performance standards applicable to daycare and nighttime centers, as well as homes.


Child Care Licensing In-State and Interstate CA/N Background Check


Employers or potential employers may request clearances and receive information on persons who, as employees will provide unsupervised care and/or supervision of children. Licensed child placing agencies may also receive information on persons applying to adopt or operate a foster family home. Information contained in the CA/N Central Registry is confidential and may only be shared for the purpose of discovering or preventing child abuse.

Child Care Licensing Criminal History Background Check

The Criminal History Background Check can be accessed at Fieldprint: Alabama

Disqualifiers for Employment in Child Care

Click here for a list of disqualifying crimes


  • Any person, group of persons or corporation may obtain an application form for a license to operate a child care center by contacting the Department of Human Resources.
  • An application for a license to operate a child care center shall be made to the Department of Human Resources on the required form(s) and shall contain all information requested on the form(s).
  • An application for a license is not transferable from one person, group of persons, or corporation to another or from one location to another.
  • After receipt of the completed application, a representative of the Department of Human Resources will examine the premises proposed for the center and will investigate the person(s) responsible for the center.
  • The examination and investigation will be based on the performance standards and regulations as prescribed and published by the Department.
  • When performance standards for the operation of a center have been met, a license will be issued.
  • If an application is denied, the Department shall notify the applicant of the decision in writing, indicating the reason(s) for the denial.
  • The applicant may withdraw the application either verbally or in writing.

Click Here for Details to be provided to the Department of Human Resources prior to obtaining licensing for a daycare center.

Click Here for Details to be submitted to the Department of Human Resources before obtaining a license for a day/group care home.

daycare in Alabama

Starting a daycare in Alabama is not just about running a business; it’s about creating a haven where children can learn, grow, and feel secure. By navigating the regulatory landscape, crafting a solid business plan, choosing the right location, building a dedicated team, creating an engaging curriculum, prioritizing safety, and effectively marketing your venture, you’ll be well on your way to making a positive impact on the lives of children and families in the heart of Dixie. Your journey begins with a dream, and Alabama is ready to embrace the warmth and care you bring to the world of childcare.

Contact Information

Child Care Services

Phone Number: (334) 242-1425

Email: [email protected]

Child Protective Services

State Department of Human Resources Contact Information:

Phone Number: (334) 242-9500 from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday

Email: [email protected]

Alabama Department of Human Resources

Child Care Services Division

50 N. Ripley St.

P.O. Box 304000

Montgomery, AL 36130-4000

Food Assistance

Alabama Food Assistance Information Line

Montgomery Area: (334) 242-0143

Outside Montgomery Area: (800) 382-0499

Food Assistance Division

Food Assistance Program – (833) 822-2202

Email: [email protected]

Alabama Food Assistance Information Line

Montgomery Area: (334) 242-0143

Outside Montgomery Area: (800) 382-0499

Food Assistance Division

Food Assistance Program – (833) 822-2202

Email: [email protected]

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